Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raveendran Master

Raveendran Master
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My love story with Malayalam films / music began in the early 80's thanks to a couple of my friends who were from Kerala.

It blossomed while I was working in Bombay in the 80's, thanks to my two room mates. It continues till date (Thanks to songs like Picha Vecha) and I am sure it will be like that till my lifetime.

One master figure, 'Raveendran Master' was/is 90% responsible for my love with Malayalam film songs.

Yesudas, IMHO became a super star...thanks to Raveendran Master. Tons of Malayalam movies became blockbusters thanks to some wonderful directors, actors, singers and Raveendran Master.

Today, I had a chance to watch a You Tube video on 'His Highness Abdullah', one of the many musical masterpieces of Raveendran Master.

All the songs in this movie are evergreent hits. M.G.Sreekumar got a National award for his song 'Nadha Roopini' from this movie !

My personal favorites - Gopika Vasantham and Pramadhavanam take me to heaven even today when I listen to them.

Unfortunately, Raveendran Master couldn't shine in Tamil. It's a loss to Tamil music I feel.

Here is a great tribute to Raveendran Master from Idea Star Singer:

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