Monday, August 24, 2009

My RBI Post - More points

My post on RBI has resulted in some people questioning my Cribbing ! I accept I crib, but I think I have a right to do so. I would do the same even if were a RI instead of a NRI.

, whom I respect a lot writes ' I don't see the need for you to ask the RBI about Forex. By allowing you to ask the question is pertinent of the RBI's openess'.

Another blogger writes that having websites are not that important in a country without water!

My response is this:

Why should RBI have a email option that doesn't work? If an esteemed organization like RBI has an option enabled in their website, It's our right to ask that it works.

It's like having a counter in a RBI branch and telling people,"Sorry, this is DUMMY".

In today's world, Mom and Dad companies have wonderful websites and pay to maintain it. Why isn't RBI doing it?

If RBI doesn't want us to send emails, I would rather they take the option out and have a clean website with information only ! Would be better !

What kind of image does it send to the world , if someone were to go to email RBI only to see the email returned?

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