Monday, August 24, 2009

Malathy Lakshmanan - You Rock

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Have you listened to the song 'En Peru Meena Kumari' from the film 'Kandasamy'. If you haven't, please check it out. Wonderful high energy song !!

It's been playing in repeat mode the last few days in my car and those who saw me on the road would have seen me clapping and making dance movements!

Yeah, I am crazy about this song. Especially the Chennai Rhythms just before the second charanam ( Starts at 3.00 min ).

I decided to write about Malathy Lakshmanan the singer when I realized that she and I share the same Birthday !! Yeah, Malathy was born on Aug-27th !! only 12 years after I was born !

I've always admired the range of her voice and her versatility. Though I am not a big fan of 'Dappan kuthu' songs, somehow, her latest stuck to my head. I am sure it's a big hit down south and very well deserved too.

I'll write about 'SRUTHI ORCHESTRA' later ( Malathy is married to Sruthi Lakshmanan who is the chief of SRUTHI ) but for now, I would like to say "MALATHY YOU ROCK !!" and thanks to SRI DEVI PRASAD for bringing out the CHENNAI RHYTHMS !!

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Jeevan said...

Advance birthday wishes buddy :)