Thursday, July 10, 2008

Desi IT company - another experience

I had to write about this after what happened yesterday.

I am in-between jobs now, starting my new job on July-14. My previous employer was a Desi-IT company, a well established and well known company, with offices worldwide.

I had earlier written about my last experiences with them.

I fell sick yesterday. Called my ex-company and asked them if I still have medical coverage. I was told that my coverage ended at midnight of my last day.

I was shocked and angry. There is the COBRA option but I still haven't got the forms. Looks like it will take 20 days to get the forms to even opt for COBRA.

FYI - My earlier employer 'INOVIS'/'QRS' gave me one full month Medical coverage after I left them. INOVIS is a much smaller company compared to the Desi-IT-Company.

People who live in the US with kids know how important it is to have Medical Insurance.

It's a shame that companies play such cheap tricks to make a few bucks !

Where is the ' Take care of your employees ' gone ?

PS - Ever worse...the new company I am going to, told me, they don't start coverage until Aug-1-2008 !

And....yeah, it's not a Desi company.

Bottom line
Don't quit your job during the middle of a month !

Me - God willing, will never again go near any DESI IT companies.