Thursday, July 03, 2008

Desi IT Company - Experience

Please revise my salary, I've been with you for one year.
Sorry, we are in a reorg situation,
You'll have to wait for the New company's cycle - Oct-2008

April - 2008
Can you please consider atleast a Token Bonus.
Sorry, talk to your Unit Head.
Unit HR
Sorry we don't have any extra money for Bonus

May - 2008
New release of Cognos - Can you send me for training?
Would help in projects with client.
We can't give you a dime. Client has to sponsor.
Can you atleast give me a week off.
I'll pay out of my own pocket.
You have to use your PTO.

June - 2008
I am leaving your organization. July-03-2008 my last date.
Why ?
What do you want ?
Please let us know, we'll do whatever you want !



b a l a j i said...

nannaa sonneL pongo!!!!

Ganesh said...

Sir you know better they will never treat fellow desis as humans. This will go on forever. Except for few exceptions most desi companies are like this.

Anonymous said...

IMO..Desi companies are like leeches on you..There are few good ones but most are not...

sa.dhana said...

welcome to the CLUB!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In spite of this treatment we will not leave USA. We will suffer and stay here. Even Non-Desi companies are like this.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks all of you for your comments.

Desi companies for most part ( as far as I know ) are like that. That doesn't mean..other companies are ok. All the companies have their own ups and downs.

Anon Last - About suffering...and living here..I bet you'll have the same problems whereever you go !

Vinesh said...

haha, very funny, and true!
in a sad sort of way, if that's possible..

prabukarthik said...

i am on the verge of deciding that myself. You and me work for the same employer dont we:)

seri vandhudhu dhaan ipdi na vaichadhum - adhaan my san jose client, kevalam :)

mothathile reeeembba kastam!:)