Thursday, June 05, 2008


A friend of mine recently changed his name from 'JAYARAMAN' to 'JEYARAMAN'. I asked him why ? He said someone advised him to change it based on Numerology.

I being me....asked him ...Did you change it in your Mother Tongue Tamil also ? He said ...No ! It is still ஜெயராமன்.

I laughed and...he got the point!

My question for all the people who've changed their names in English like S.Ve.Shekar etc.
All of you have the same names in Tamil isn't it ?
And your mother tongue is Tamil.

Tell me how the name change in English...helps you ?


The Talkative Man said...

Reminded of a dialogue in a crzy Mohan drama where a numerologist advises a Sivaraman..


-"Yow, Sivaraman-la edhukku yaa JXYZ ellaam?"

-"Adhellam Silent pa..nee edhukku pronounce panra?"

guyfromblore said...

That's a very good point. never thought about it that way :-)

R.Prabhu said...

Hello Mr. Narayanan Venkitu,

Thank you very much for your encouragements and compliments. I had been held up in a lot of things so could not squeeze the time to write a post.

Feel free to use the images. I will be very happy if you did!!!

And the post about numerology is a good one! Maybe we should start assigning numerical values for tamil alphabets and try to make some big bucks out of it :-). Just kidding! Well, yours is a nice thought provoking question

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Prabhu - Thank you for being so generous. I appreciate it. I'll be writing about it tomorrow.

guyfromblore - Thank you
The Talkative Man - NIce to see you....LOL on the Crazy Mohan Joke!! By the way didn't he change his name too...Crazee or something like that??

Jo said...

LOL! That's a prompt question to ask! :-)

prabukarthik said...


idhai padichadhuku aprom enakku kooda oru idea thonudhu..'ivvidam thamizhilum numerology parka padum'

nu veetla board maati sevai pannalaam nu yosikaren :D

santhosh said...

Those persons who do not believe in self-confidenceology will rely on numerology and other foolish concepts.