Monday, June 02, 2008

No SSN , No Stimulus

I had a brief conversation with an IRS rep. on Friday ( after being on hold for 20 minutes ) about the Stimulus payment for my younger daughter who did not have a SSN.

I've been paying taxes using her Tax Identification Number, which was issued by IRS in-lieu of the SSN ( The last few years SSN's are not issued for spouses / kids ). The IRS took my taxes the last 8 years with my daughter's TIN but now, they can't pay the stimulus check since she doesn't have a valid SSN.

sent me a link yesterday which explains this pathetic situation. This is plain nonsense. I wish the AILA or some other organization here in the US takes this case up.

Personally, I am writing a letter to the Senators from the Bay Area explaining the situation. Let's see what happens.


Mahesh said...

I'm one of those who lost out since my wife doesn't have an SSN. Didn't know until I checked my bank account and realized I'm not gonna get it.

They could have made this clear. In fact I also received a letter in the mail mentioning the stimulus payment.This again could have been avoided.

Many people already made plans or even shopped in anticipation. :(

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hmm...Yeah, I feel sad for you Mahesh. Don't forget to claim it this year end with your tax return. That's what IRS told me.