Friday, June 06, 2008

I am boycotting 'Dasavatharam'

ஆம்பலை ஓம்பினோம் !!

என் நிலை ( நான் கமல் ரசிகன் தான் ) இன்றும் அதேதான்!

15$ கொடுத்து பார்க்க நான் தயார் இல்லை.

DVD வரட்டும் பார்த்துக்கொள்கிறேன்!
This is an organized plan by the group that buys these movies for screening here in the US. In my opinion we should fight this.

We pay a big tag ( I will have to pay 60$ for my family) , the people who screen the movie make money, finally it goes down the food chain. Considering the economy and the recession we are in, I strongly recommend each and every one of my readers to please consider this.

Let's teach the distributors and screeners a lesson here. Don't watch the movie in theaters if possible ( atleast the 1st few weeks ) !

I am sure that if this trend continues, movies like KURIVI, KAAKA, ELI, PANNI, NAAI, NANDU etc..etc..will all cost us 15$ soon. So please...let's reverse this bad trend !


Anonymous said...

Irukave iruku

15 dollar ethuku kudukanum ? lol...

Jay Sreenivasan said...

i dont know, $15 shouldn't be a big deal, unless you are one of those people who watch every movie that they release. living in USA, there are only a few movies that i would like to see,and dasavatharam being one of them would love to watch it on the big screen for a one time $15 ticket, if you were in India you would be paying big bucks too, but the people who try to bring it here, need to make their money too, so i feel its a better deal than DVD.

prabukarthik said...

NV sir

neenga parka vendaam nu decide panna ungalukku full rights irukku.

Personally i don't spend for movie tickets.... most of the times nanbargal kuzhu sponsor panni izhuthuttu poidum..illena happy a padamm parkama vittuduven..

>>This is an organized plan by the group that buys these movies for screening here in the US. In my opinion we should fight this.

IMHO it doesn't work that way.
what's there to fight? nothing!

I will join your fight if they send some goondas and say 'padam parthaalum parkalenaaum $15 USD kudu'

Idhellam market will decide nu vittudanum.

Sundar Narayanan said...

Sivaji wait panninen.. because 20$ was 2x

Ivan 15$.. vilai vaasi Yeri pochchu..

so most likely going tomorrow.

NV Sir, I dont think Hollywood will learn from this. because they screen a movie in at least 800 - 2000 theaters across the country.. somehow the distribution business is more streamlined. for Indian movies it gets tough..

you know what response I got from FCC after that complaint from the last Kamal movie! No one is going to step in and do any price control.

Indha pasanga home loans regulate pannama kandavanukku ellam 500k to a million loana kuduththuttu ippo housing crisisla vandhu nikkudhu..

10-20 $ ticket regulate pannuvangannu enakku thonale!

but still, hats off to you for being very very consistant on this stand.


Sundar Narayanan said...

wait for the DVD!

enough said.

Anonymous said...

This movie is not even worth watching in DVD. Whoever want's to see this in theatre, definitely, it's gonna cost you more money and time.

Good food, spirit and workout can get you more fun and goodness! :)

Ghost Particle said...

its true that even here in Malaysia the tickets for Tamil movies by Rajni and Kamal is hiked up at least 20 to 30%. The reason is that they touch 3 hours or more. But when LOTRing came out it was normal priced. The local distributors are leeches. Till to date the release of DVDs are severely limited, almost none for Tamil movies unless its Ayangran made...which is not legally available here...which means all Tamil DVD's are pirated...and these distributors sell original VCDS nearlly 3 times more expensive that DVD's. bad bad bad...

Ananthoo said...

actually its not worth going (am a kamal fan too!).save the time n $$.
it shud soon be on tv..may be see then to check what u really escaped;-)

dvetrivel said...

I completely agree with you. Thats why, this hard Kamal fan has not yet seen the movie. I heard that in Houston they screened the movie for $20 a ticket.

Vinesh said...

In Bangalore multiplexes, tickets for Dasavatharam cost Rs.300 for regular seats and Rs.1000 for cushioned sofa seats!

:-( sad!