Friday, June 06, 2008

Comment Moderation - Off

I was debating the last few days, if it is good idea to moderate comments.

Finally today, I decided that I shouldn't do that. I respect your comments be it harsh or whatever as long as there are no curse words which I don't encourage.

Sorry about enabling comment moderation the last few days.

1 comment:

Chakra said...


I don't comment that frequently anywhere though I visit your blogs almost daily.

Your stand to do away with moderation shows your maturity to allow critical comments. I appreciate that. But, please do watch out for any abusive comments.. the ones that abuse you personally for no reason or whatever be the reason. One can have differences in opinion, but that doesn't give anyone liberty to abuse personally.

Each day, I am getting at least 5-7 comments targetting me / family personally. That was the reason for the above.

Keep blogging!!
Take care.