Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Someone takes the phone interview and someone else reports to work !

Wow !!

Happens even today !!
I thought those days are gone !!

As in those days, most of these cheaters are from ******** !!

Makes me wonder if I am a fool being truthful in my resume !


The Talkative Man said...

MD Sir,
and the place with 8 letters is ...??!?

It doesn't make you a fool. It's only that those fellows are rotten scum.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

trying to post a comment, but blogger not letting me :-(

what is under those 8 *s? is it something you encountered or you have some article to link to?

Vinesh said...

more details please...
things have moved on to the next level Venkitu sir, from proxy attendance in schools to faking interviews

Arvind Ramachandran said...

I am reading your blogs for quite some months now. Really interesting posts. I just read a news about Wipro conducting video interviews for candidates who are unable to attend interviews face to face. I think the HR would have read your blog ;) .