Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Proof Readers wanted at 'THE HINDU'

This is great news no doubt. Drinking water at 6 paise per liter ! This is the best solution for a water starved Chennai.

I wish they built more such desalination plants all around the coastline of India, wherever there is a shortage of water.

Now to the story in 'THE HINDU', a reputed newspaper from my hometown Chennai that I read everyday. I was shocked at the mistakes ( spelling, grammar, punctuation) in this article.

Here is a sample:
  • For instance, the level of total dissolved solid, which was a major parametre, was found to be less than 10 parts per million (ppm), as against the international standard of 500 ppm. ( spelling )

  • Describing it as a global first, he said though the system was based on the well known principle of flash evaporation, ( Punctuation !)

  • While this was advantageous while taking it to the barge, the issue ( How many whiles? )

  • It was expected that the price of the fresh water could get halved to three paise a litre. ( Grammar)



Anonymous said...

That report, if you had noticed, was by a Special Correspondent. They are allowed to use special grammar, punctuation and spellings

Rama Iyer said...

Considering that Hindu is hailed as the best newspaper so far as Grammar, Spellings and the Language itself is concerned.

The advent of the computerized spellcheck is to be squarely blamed for the Correspondents to become complacent.

Munimma said...

There was a time when our school's English teacher urged us to read the paper to improve our English :-)

Balaji S Rajan said...

We grew up reading THE HINDU. Our parents advised us so to improve our English grammar. After reading your post I understand the quality has deteriorated as other products in these days. Anyhow looks like we cannot talk to our kids anymore about it.

Anonymous said...

mail your post to Hindu and wait for their reply.

Hope they be more careful hereafter..

Aravind said...

Hindu's emphasis on good english (should I say "correct english"??) has be worsening over the years. It does not come as a surprise to me.

That said, they could still be the best in that domain. From what I remember, Indian Express and Times of India were well below Hindu's standard. If they have not improved, you can still ask kids to read Hindu to improve their English.

P.S. Please do not find fault with my grammar.