Monday, April 23, 2007

Weight Loss secrets


Photo courtesy: Vikatan


அது எப்புடீங்க..!

நடிக நடிகையர் மட்டும் டப்பு டிப்புன்னு இளைச்சுடுறாங்க?

நம்மளால் முக்கினால் கூட முடியவில்லையே !


vatsan said...

saar probably because the nadigargal oda vaithu pozhappu depends on weightloss, wheras ur vaithu pozhappu doesnt?

incentives saar, ellamae incentives. h

Rama Iyer said...
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Rama Iyer said...

I read sometime back that after acting in the movie Bunty and Babli,(she appeared in the song Kajra Re wherein she has put on a lot of weight)Aishwarya Rai had been asked to shed some weight for Dhoom2 in which she has shed considerable weight. I was wondering how she managed THAT while I have been making up my mind to reduce for the past 2 years...hehe

Chakra said...

If your manager says that you will receive your pay cheque only if you shed 10 kgs within a month, wouldn't you do that?

Moral of the story: Managers are to blame for our weight increase.

The Talkative Man said...

MD Saar,
Neenga andha flab-reducing equipment ads ellaam TVla paathadhey illaya? :-) RajTV Telebrands programla tamil-la vera dubbing panraangale!

vishy said...

weight loss pathi neenga ellam yosikkaringa.. .naan rombha naal aah weight gain panna try panren.. enna dhan kottindalum onnum ava matengudhu.. weight gain ku edhavadhu secret irundha sollunda..

tt_giant said...

motivation.. palanai edhirpaarthu kadamaiya seiraanga pola!

but damn! the pic ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dedication, which I lack badly.

Ithenna prammaatham? Surya's younger brother, ya the Paruthiveeran, has lost 23 kilos after coming to acting. Lost 13 for Paruthiveeran and another 10kg for Maalai Nera Mayakam. To beat that, Surya's lost weight for his upcoming film. Looks very young for a 33 year old Tamil guy(hmmmh).


Munimma said...

If I had at least one hour to spare every day, I would too. And then the aani pudungum velai is a kind of food magnet.

It all boils down to the type of work you do (or don't) :-D

Naradmuni said...

Richard Gere, where are you?

Jeevan said...

Hahaha... namba Namitha kuda ippa weight loss panni 50+ vanthurukanga, now she looks cute;)

Anonymous said...

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