Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today !

It's been a while since I experienced this. The last month or so has been interesting indeed.

These is what I hear around me these days:


Its like, the code like will fail if the user like enters a bad name like !

He said 'ki' it's like good!

Most sentences become a question with the word 'right' as suffix.
Example - He said it , right?

Another way it to add a 'No'.
Example - I said, NO? I gave it to you NO?

How about substituting 'NAH' ( Hindi ) for a NO !

And to top it all the 'YAARS' inbetween!



tt_giant said...

oh my god! i feel for you Narayanan!

Your ears must be ringing after this!

Munimma said...

sorry to be nitpicking! But in such posts "These is" is not a good choice of words ;-)

Kavi said...

I cant feel the discomfort. I am comforted by the fact that i am not alone in such dicomfort !!