Saturday, April 14, 2007

Divya, JO & Munbe Vaa

Jo, Divya , Narayanan

Divya, Jo and Me


Breakfast with Jo and Divya

Dec-2006, Trissur, India

I got an opportunity to meet Jo and Divya Menon during my trip to India in Dec-2006.

I can't forget the wonderful breakfast at their homes. Typical Kerala style breakfast with 'Aappam','Kadalai','Idli','Nendram pazham', 'Dosa','Chutneys' and 'Tea'.

I've known
Jo the last few years and am always mesmerized by his voice and singing style. Divya became a friend after her wonderful song 'Ente Manassilum' in Blogswara-II.

When I went to Divya's home I requested her to sing a song. She sang a couple of songs and I thought "This girl will become a great playback singer one day".

I've always felt the same about JO.

During the last few days Divya has been posting some wonderful songs but today, I was stunned by
'Munbe Vaa' - duet with JO. Both of them have sung that song so nicely! Great Vishu treat indeed.

Please listen and let them know your thoughts.

PS - One of my ambitions is to write and compose a Tamil song and have JO and Divya sing it. God willing, that will happen in 2007.


Vinesh said...

Going to the song link now, but your description already gives me an idea of what to expect!

Jeevan said...

Nice pics! gald u had pleasant times with Jo and Divya. will check the songs:)

Rama Iyer said...

I listened to the songs and it was breathtaking.Now waiting for your composition in their voices

Balaji S Rajan said...

Read your post during lunch time. Oh... typical keralite breakfast picture and post kindles my brain cells. Oh.. I need it right now.. where will I go. Wonderful taste bud... wait for another year.

Jayan said...

Hi Sir, returning after a loooooooong break. How have u been?