Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Old Glory !

I've written quite a few posts on this subject : OLD GLORY

I was only laughing at Gautham Gambhir's comment today about Mr. Wheel Chair Laxman !

This is what is reported in Cricinfo: 

This is a typical desi comment clearly on the lines of 'OLD GLORY'.

Mr.Gambhir - Mr. VVS Laxman has done well in the past, everyone agrees.  Doesn't mean that the world shouldn't criticize him ( also applies to Dravid and Tendulkar )and ask him to retire when he fails continuously. Would you agree?

Let me give you examples:

  • You have dinner at a restaurant that has been traditionally serving wonderful food and you notice a worm in your soup.  Will you be angry?  Will you go there again ?  Won't you complain?

  • Your sister gets married to a nice guy and they have a wonderful family. Suddenly he has an affair with another woman. Would you advise your sister to take it easy because your BIL was good in the past ?

So, give us a break and play your game.  I saw you wearing diapers the last innings you played.  Thankfully the diapers went back to the pavilion without damage !  You did play well.  

Please focus on your game and let the seniors take care of themselves.

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Anonymous said...

I see so much of your frustration on Indian cricket team these days.Though some of them are very strong. I should accept..I enjoy it thoroughly!