Monday, January 16, 2012

BOYCOTT - IPL 2012 !

Wonderful piece in 'The Hindu' today about Billionaires Control Cricket in India.  

Thoroughly enjoyed the piece.  Lots of truth and grief in that article.

Indian Cricket - thanks to IPL has gone to dogs.  All the cricketers have been transformed into 'ITEM NUMBER' performers !  They don't care, as long as they see the $ !  

IPL is a wonderful platform setup cleverly by BCCI and the crooks to help convert Black to White masked with Glamour !

Who else to blame?  The fans of this format of cricket and the Glamour.  

If the cricket fans of India rise up to the occasion and don't patronize IPL-2012, BCCI and rest of the world will learn a lesson. 

Question is - Who will bell the cat?  Can we have a Anna Hazare for Indian cricket !

How am I going to contribute to this cause -  I won't buy the games on TV. I don't even want to patronize the websites that carry the details of IPL!


Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT IPL 2012. Get a new team.

BloggerSuve said...

Once I was afraid I might be late to office as I was hoping the first session before leaving for work.

My fears were unfounded. Our chaps packed up in quick time and I left for work earlier than I would. Thanks Team India for helping boost productivity!