Friday, August 12, 2011

Jayapradha is back !

'Pranayam' starring - Mohanlal, Anupam Kher and Jayapradha is being released for ONAM this year.  I am very eager to watch Jayapradha , who used to be my heart throb growing up !  

Who can forget her  ' Salangai Oli' with Kamal !

I remember seeing Jayapradha at Madras Airport in 1981 while she was very popular.  I have to admit that she was just unbelievably beautiful.

Times have changed, years have passed and Jayapradha looks Old now but still has that grace in her ! Mohanlal is becoming a bigger 'Bun' but charming as ever !

Anupam Kher IMHO is one of the best/versatile actors in India today !

 The combo of Mohanlal, Jayapradha and Anupam Kher is just too good to wait until ONAM .  

Music by my favorite 'MJ' and it is his 101st film !!

(Director "BLESSY' an amazing director whom I like a lot.  

With such a wonderful team what else can one ask for?

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