Saturday, March 06, 2010

Dinamalar - A Bundle of Lies !

Time and again, I've written about the 'Toothless nature' of Indian Media !

Not only are they 'Toothless' but they are (mostly) a 'Bundle of lies and joke'.

The report below is an example. This is from a leading Tamil Newspaper 'Dinamalar'.

This report is about Nithyananda and another guy whose intimate videos are in YOUTUBE.

According to this report, the YOUTUBE servers jammed because of heavy traffic !

This is nonsense. I didn't see any reports like this other than the one by DINAMALAR !

Maybe Dinamalar spoke to Google and got this information !

Here is a list of TOP VIDEOS as of March-6-2010, 11.42 PT.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if it jammed the servers :) but it was up there on the first page ~200K views 2 days ago.

Anonymous said...

you mean the great great sri sri scam scam?