Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indian Railways

I've always been a big admirer of the Indian Postal Services and the Indian Railways.

The volume both these handle is just unimaginable.

The Indian Railways - I simply marvel the reservation system of the Railways. It was implemented in the early 90's, if I remember right, using a State-of-the-Art VAX system. Today, reservation offices that are well connected exist in every corner of the country. I hear that the system is pretty stable too. I am not sure how the 'Internet Reservation' works, but it's amazing to see this feature implemented ( Has it been hacked anytime ?).

Every Indian should be proud of the Techno Savvy Indian Railways. Just imagine the havoc it would cause if the reservation system fails !!


Anonymous said...

chk this stats from IRCTC
help -> statistics

abt 600 Crores is the revenue for a single month using Internet booking

News from Prasanna said...

Hi Narayanan,

Indian Railways internet booking system is awesome. Now a days 7 out of 10 passengers are carrying a e ticket IMHO. They also tied up with NGPay for mobile ticket booking and again its great. Also they have third party vendors like Cleartrip, Makemytrip.

(Mis)Chief Editor said...


This is not relevant to Indian railways....

Since you are interested in muzik, I am forwarding you this link...

Please ensoi the Kannada song

If you like it, you can publish in your blog (as I see you often do this)


Narayanan Venkitu said...

MCE - Thank you !! Great song, loved it.

Prasanna - That's amazing !! Nothing less tan a 'WOW'.

ANON - Great work by the Railways!!