Friday, September 18, 2009

Cattle Class

Pic courtesy: WWW

Shashi Tharoor
made an innocent remark on 'Cattle Class', and the 'Canine Class' woke up asking for his blood.

I'd like to ask the 'Canine Class':
  • Don't you use the people as cattle during election campaigns?
  • Don't you see school kids travelling in vehicles dumped like cattle?
  • Don't you treat the people like cattle?

Then why is your blood boiling when someone makes a remark about 'Cattle Class' ?


Jeevan said...

well said!

Arun said...

So, what is your constructive suggestion?
Oh...that was just your empty rattle... sorry for looking for an intelligent critique...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Arun - As my post suggests , the 'Canine class' should shutup.
Kettles can't call th teapot - black.

While they shutup, they should start thinking of 'De-cattleising' the people !!

Hope it reaches the 'Grey Matter' now !

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thank you.

Life Lessons from a Late Bloomer said...

Shashi Tharoor made an ''innocent remark?'' hmm, I am really sorry I can't buy that. I know you have voiced your opinion in your space, but I hope you wudn't mind me expressing mine differing from yours!!

I completely agree with your canine class and ain't S.Tharoor one among them. BTW, as the TOI pic says, don't we all belong to 'cattle class' as a whole!! How could our critical, insensitive remarks about others be innocent! To me honestly his remarks reminds me of Mary Antoinette's 'Let them eat cake' sarcasm!!

But your remarks on canine class very true!

Amrikan Desi said...

Shashi is a phoren born and bred guy,who speaks little Malayalam, let alone his entry to filthy Indian politics. He speaks English better than any other Indians out there. These people cannot relish the point in that tweet but made a mountain out of a mole. NV sir, is apt in expressing his thoughts...

Sir, Pallavan bus-a vittuteengale ?

Arun said...

The mode of transport is a matter of choice. If that is what people can afford; they fuss about it, but still they travel in it. There is always a choice. In a different vernacular, you can choose Greyhound or Rent-a-car, it is your choice. The fact is the population is huge in India and all they seek is a good enough solution not a luxury one. Calling the government culprit for every group of cattle one sees is not seeing things objectively & dispassionately.

Next what? We don't observe lane discipline?