Sunday, September 20, 2009

Battle Class !!

Pic courtesy - WWW via P

This scene is from 'New Delhi' the capital of India. This has been a curse in most of the Indian cities. Sounds like 'Sashi Tharoor' is absolutely right ! To me this looks like 'Cattle class' with a Capital 'C'.

The State and the Central Government, thanks to the influence of the 'Canine Class', never think or bother about de-congesting the cities, to spread the population around. I am sure the great minds with IAS and IPS will accomplish this easily if the 'Canine Class' is de-toothed and de-clawed!

I've seen the Software companies moving their offices to the suburbs of big cities, but that IMHO is good but not the BEST. I would rather they move their offices to the smaller towns all over the state.

This would attract local talent and help the local economy besides 'de-cattlising' the people thanks to decongestion in and around big cities.

But ultimately, even for this to happen, the Govt. must ensure infrastructure. 90% of the 'Canine Class' are empty tops and they really don't care about all this as long as they get sufficient 'Canine Food' that they store in the Swiss banks !

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