Saturday, June 06, 2009

Local Newspapers and businesses

Call it the era of death for newspapers. That's what we are witnessing in the USA. Too many wonderful, well respected newspapers are facing the brunt of the economy with dwindling advertising revenues.

Result - we hear mergers and closures of newspapers.

I've taken it upon myself to support the local newspaper in Fairfield, 'Daily Republic'. I feel it's important for these local newspapers to thrive, as they cover more of the local news.

The 'Daily Republic' covers a lot of news in Fairfield. I feel it's very important for my community.

I want to know more of what's happening in Fairfield since it's my hometown.

Now, where am I heading. I would request each one of you to support your local newspaper/publication.

To add spice to that, please support your local businesses. Eat and shop where you live and let the tax dollars go back to your community.

I read somewhere: THINK GLOBAL EAT LOCAL !!

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Balaji S Rajan said...


You are right. That is what we do here as well. Wherever I move, I try to identify the local newspaper and buy them. It helps so much. I would recommend to buy locally produced Vegetables and fruits as well. I strongly believe the local produce are more nutritious. For example take fruits that are being imported. They are artificially ripened and reach the market after being harvested many days before. Fruits lose their nutritional values after a long period. Since they have to remain fresh, they are being coated with chemicals and made more shiny as well.

I also welcome your idea of supporting the local market. We do the same here.