Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Favorites

Another Ilayaraja song this time. From the tamil movie Agal viLakku.

Came out in 1980. I was doing my 2nd year Bachelors degree at MCC Tambaram.

I remember singing this song for the college audition. Hmm...I was rejected !

Vijayakanth during his leaner times in life ( physically and during the start of his career I guess ). Looking at the bell-bottoms, and the pants that go up to his chest...makes me laugh...thinking..I've done that too. Not to forget his hairstyle.

Shoba - An amazing actress whose life was cut short by God knows what happened. They called it suicide. Suspicious that so many Tamil actresses commit suicide ( Silk Smitha , Fadafat Jayalakshmi, Deepa, Simran's sister - to name a few ).

Ilayaraja - I have no words for his music. Truly the Maestro.

Yesudas - What a voice..!!!

Not sure who the female singer is..but she has also done a great job


Sumi said...

woww, what a song! Thanks much for sharing! BTW, am sorry about your competition fiasco!

Anonymous said...

Great song indeed...


rasu said...

Yes. Great song. I also like it. Its SP Sailaja the female voice.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch "pasi". Great performance by Shobha. Wonder where Vijayan is nowadays...?

Balaji S Rajan said...


Fantastic song. Made me nostalgic. KJ's voice, IR music, location and what not? Enjoyed seeing Captain in younger days with bell bottom. My god he was too good in weight lifting. Look at that scene the way he lifts Shobha. Must be having good stamina and strength. Eventhough Shobha would have been light weight, taking into account all the rehearsals and seeing that he lifts her from her heels, Captain is great.

Anonymous said...

dumb lyrics! Pls tell us about explosive entry made by vairamuthu at this time.