Friday, June 12, 2009

JO's ReethiGowla

How to create a hit song ?

Easy...In my opinion any song set to the raaga Kalyani, Reethigowla or HindoLam will be a hit ( to name a few raagas )

This post is about ReethiGowla. Today I was listening to JO singing 'Kandu Njaan' from the movie Abhimanyu. One of my favorites, JO has done a great job.

I have a handful of movie songs set to this raaga in my Zune.

Whenever I feel low, I listen to these songs to get back to speed.

One of my ambitions, is to compose a song in this Raaga. Let's see how that goes.

I found these ReethiGowla videos in Youtube. Check them out as well.


Sumi said...

yes, beautiful raaga,not that I know other raagas well. My father,great lover and expert of carnatic music taught me how to identify this raaga by matching them with 'thalaiyai kuniyum thamaraiye' tune!

Good luck with your attempt and look forward to hearing yours on your blog soon!

Jo said...

These are nice songs. BTW, the second song was composed by Sharath. :-)