Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vikatan Online Subscription

Most of the websites start to email you about an expiring subscription a few months before the actual expiration. That's my experience so far.

Ananda Vikatan is unique. I am not sure, if they don't care about the online subscribers. Or maybe it's an area they need to improve.

My online subsciption to Vikatan expired a month back. I've not got a single email till date from Vikatan about it. A message pops up when I login to the website that I'll have to renew my subscription.

I am still waiting...I am not going to renew until they wake up and ask me 'Hey, don't you want to renew ? ' .


Chakra said...

How strange.

I was a subscriber 3 yrs ago and I discontinued it. Even now, every 2 weeks they keep sending me a mail asking me to come back. :)

Ravi said...

NV sir, maybe you may want to check your Junk/Spam e-mail folders.

As far as my experience goes, Vikatan did send reminders and they also give a discount if re-subscribed before the expiry of current subscription.

Sumi said...

Yeah, Vikatan even contacted me and gave me a discount when I re-subscribed!! Maybe they don't like you :) he he, just kidding!

Anonymous said...

no sir, they do send reminder emails and i benefited their discount also.

Anjali said...

I have been getting the reminder mails for last two years with special discount.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vikatan Readers,

Please check this link;

I think you people have A right to ask the answer from Mr. Srinivasan.