Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nostalgia - The Turntable

Pic coutesy: The WWW

During my elementary school days, I wasn't allowed to walk from Tambaram to Perungalathur.

School used to end around 3.15 PM. The next train to Perungalathur those days was at 4.30 PM. There were no PTC buses !

I used to walk to Tambaram railway station and wait for the 4.30 PM train. ( The monthly train pass between Tambaram and Perungalathur was 1 Rs. 45 paise ! ).

Every now and then, a steam engine would be turned on the turn table in Tambaram. It was a fantastic sight. The engine would come in from South to North and go South after it is turned.

It was manual labor. The driver and the helper used to get out after parking the train on the table. They used the levers and went pushing around in a circle turning the engine.

These days, I am not sure if the turn table is used anymore. I don't even know if they dismantled it.

However, great memories. Nostalgic !!


Jeevan said...

I never know this turn table method and I am untouched more with train journeys in my life. It’s nostalgia, and for me it’s a learning process and revisiting memories. keep sharing bro.

Ravi said...

Thanks NV sir, through you post today, I came to know about the 'turn-table' concept. Pretty interesting! Do continue with such nostalgic series - even if short!

Ravi said...

I used to study in KV IAF and like you take the train to Vandalur where I lived with my grand parents. I remember the 'turntable' at Tambaram station.

This was in late 70s. You brought back my memories.