Saturday, May 09, 2009


Starting a series of posts titled 'Nostalgia'. Planning to pour my heart about my younger days. I'll be writing about those moments in life that make me happy whenever my thoughts fly back in time.


Elementary school days
Christ King Convent, Tambaram ( 1970 - 1976)

I had to walk to Perungalathur railway station, take a train to Tambaram and walk to school. Sometimes my grandfather would go with me. Mostly I'd be on my own, following a group of kids who had the privilege of having a lady ( we used to call her Aayah ) take them to school. She was a kind lady. Though I wasn't a part of the group, she'd always make me feel a part of the group !!

I used to always carry my school bag and a lunch bag with water and lunch. The bags would have 'VR' embroidered on them. VR was V.Ramesh, which was my name those days ( Later got changed to Narayanan in High school ).

I would forget my lunch bag in the train every now and then while going home. And believe me, we used to run back to catch the train ( same train ) returning back in 30 minutes from Vandalur. The bag still used to be there..wherever I left it ( with the bottle and a stainless steel lunch box).

But, before we went to recover the bag.....I'd have gotten a few spankings !!

N O S T A L G I A !!


Kumudha said...

I used to travel with the same Aayah for a good bit of time. (christ king days) She certainly was a sweet and hardworking lady.

It does bring back memories.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I remember the ayah with Elephantitis. The way she used to walk is still before my eyes. Oh! what a service those ayahs have done in taking care of the kids. When we grew big and used to walk through Railway colony we used to see many ayahs walking with group of children. Nowadays ayahs are gone and it is all Autos and Rickshaws. The ayah whom you mentioned was very human. Do you remember the days when we grew big, we used to help the ayah in getting those kids inside the train. I remember Kishore,Sundar Raman, yourself and myself travelling in that first bogie of the second unit along with Ayah and the kids. We used to talk to her and she was still remembering us. Thanks to all those ayahs who also cared for those kids who were walking along. They have taken so much of care in taking care of the kids. Our parents were bold enough in having confidence on us and allowing us to go on our own. In the present world we are so much worried about leaving the kids on their own. What a shame! World is changing by the way.

Ravi said...

NV sir (& Balaji Sir as well),
Lovely recollection indeed. Though I did not have this experience of being dropped by ayah, I can relate to the post. Don't know if you happened to read this:

Jeevan said...

Aayah are so kind being, even they have helped me in school days caring my bags and stay in school until my parents receive me at evening. Its nice knowing about your childhood, and keep sharing more friend :)