Friday, May 08, 2009

அவள் அப்படி ஒன்றும் அழகில்லை

Sometime back it was 'Ragasiyamana Kadhal' then came 'Kangal Irandal' and now this beautiful song 'Aval appadi ondrum' !

I am sure most of you who listened to all of these songs would have fallen in love with the melody and the words right away.

அவள் அப்படி ஒன்றும் அழகில்லை
அவளுக்கு யாரும் இணை இல்லை
அவள் அப்படி ஒன்றும் கலரில்லை
ஆனால் அது ஒரு குறையில்லை!

Simple lines - wonderful melody.

This song is from the movie 'Angaadi Theru'. Looks like music is by Vijay Antony and GV Prakash. However this song has been composed by Vijay Antony.

I like Vijay Antony a lot. He has a good taste for melody and rhythms. My favorite of his is 'Nenjankootil' from the movie Dishoom.

About the singers - I am really not sure who they are. Some websites say Prasanna/Ranjith/Janaki Iyer. Some say Ranjith/Vinith Srinivas / Janaki Iyer.

Whoever it is, this is one amazing song!

Reminds me of:

Kaatrin Mozhi - Mozhi
Vellaippookkal - Kannathil Muthamittal
Nirppadhuve - Bharathi
Kaatril varum Geethame - Oru naal oru kanavu


karthik said...

not catchy..

Cogito said...

Nice melody. May be the reason why it reminds you of " Kaatrin Mozhi" is because both are based on the raaga " Kalyani".

Jo said...

Nice song, thanks for introducing this to us. So is it the same raaga as other songs you have listed here?