Friday, May 15, 2009

Election Coverage

Courtesy: Adhithi via cellphone

It's now 10.34 PM Pacific time. I just realized I've been sitting in front of the TV watching election coverage from India, since 6.30 PM !

Very interesting indeed. I was watching the live feeds from Headlines Today and SUN TV along with Kairali, Aajtak and Samay.

Here are some points:

Why isn't there a Tamil equivalent for 'Breaking News' and 'News Flash'. Or was it SUN TV who used the English words.

As expected I didn't see anyone from ADMK being interviewed by SUN TV. I am sure the same would have happened in Jaya TV !

Questionable English as you would see from the photo above ( Telecasted ..!! ).

Many of the regional politicians mentioned Obama !! Even, Thiruma..!! God, I thought he was an illiterate, who knew only one word "EELAM".

Headlines today's coverage was good. Was nice to see leaders of all party talk decently. MJ Akbar was wonderful !

Overall I would give Headlines Today an A+.

My prediction - It's going to be Dr.Manmohan Singh again.

Congratulations Dr.Singh.

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