Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indian Media - Shameless, Spineless

India, Indian Media - copies the west from paper towels to pens and clips to pots and pans to Papparazi !!

Indian TV goes into the nostrils of the common man to get viewership. Indian TV covers natural disasters and other events just like how it is done here in the west risking the lives of reporters. Indian TV-shows take pride in making the famous Western shows for its own viewers. ( Kaun Banega ...etc..)

But, Indian Media doesn't do something which is done here. They don't expose the politicians and their activities especially during elections. I am sure all of you would have seen how Pres. Obama, Sarah Palin and John Mccain were whisked by the media.

John Kerry lost his election a few years back thanks to the Media !!

I am surprised that the Desi Channels, even Headlines Today ( an arm of the famous India Today Magazine), covers the IPL mostly !!

Knowing India, I am sure it's the fear they have, that stops the media from exposing politicians. Afterall , how can someone be alive, if they report the corrupt activities of a politician - especially during election times ?

It's shameful - But Politicians rule in India ! - Vande Mataram !


tt_giant said...

Related - yesterday was the state-sponsored strike in TN, which in MK's own words was supposed to be "peaceful". Someone I knew was in Spencers plaza yesterday and all of a sudden, people started running - it was some party cadres who were forcing the shops to be closed..


Anonymous said...

though late, you now know indian media can do just as much to keep themselves in business, whatever it takes. i have never ever seen any news media daring to show what citizens must know.

if they keep up their oath and integrity, india can change it's face in just one day!

A Doosra Perspective said...

Headlines today is the worst of the lot,it should be called as entertainment today. All channels go by TRP's.

Ravi said...

NV sir, I agree but Westernern media are not better! What happened during the War on Iraq and any initiative taken by govt.? All the bashing seems to happen only for presidents-to-be and not when they actually become presidents!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ravi - Not really true. NY Times and the media alike were pointing out all the wrong doings of Bush Govt. and the war too.

You must watch FOX,CNN-Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh to see has the bash Pres.Obama.


Doosra Pers - I think you are right.!!


Anon - I agree !


TT-G - That unfortunately the state of things. I heard about it too !!