Friday, April 24, 2009

Sept-20-2008 - Saturday

Pic courtesy: The Web

It was a Saturday. I was all excited. I had a 'Thillana' concert to attend that evening. Would get an opportunity to meet with Murali and Meera.

Was enjoying the concert and it was just after the dinner break. I felt a sudden pressure and discomfort in my chest. Very unusual kinda pressure I thought.

I rushed out of the concert hall, went to the restroom, bought some soda and gulped it, thinking it might be gas related pain. I walked outside a little to get fresh air. I was blaming the food I just had !

The pain and pressure got milder. I decided to go home. It was around 70 miles to home. I drove my car home ( never spoke a single word during the 90 minute drive ) and told my wife that I have to take PEPCID for my acid reflux.

Took some Pepcid and went to sleep, not knowing I was having a 'HEART ATTACK'.

I would know on Monday morning that I had a 100% block in my LCA ( Left Circumflex Artery ).

I was going to become a heart attack survivor !



Sumi said...

Gossh, scary to read the first part of your story. You had soda, drove ninety miles!!!! My father used to talk so much about heart attack symtoms, and things not to be done. Still he became a victim to it. Its all the prayers and blessings and the good deeds from yours and your family that has protected you, and that would continue to protect you. Pray you live healthy and happy for many many, many... more years to come. Great you are spreading awareness among people thru your experience.

Sriram said...

God was sure with you.

Take care!