Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pres.Obama - Hats off Sir !

Photo courtesy: The WWW

How many 'Heads of State' can you count who have accepted their screwups? I applaud President Obama for what he did today. This speaks volumes about what kind of person the President is.

That aside, I am shocked at the tax problems of Mr.Geithner, Mr.Daschle and Ms. Killefer. I as an ordinary citizen do my taxes sincerely...but these guys .....what can I say. I am glad Mr.Daschle and Ms.Killefer dropped out.

I hope the President is more careful with his future nominees for top positions. Basics like tax evasions have to be scrutinized more thoroughly before considering nominations.


Another victim of the economic meltdown. I was shocked to hear about 'Elephant Pharmacy'
abruptly closing all its stores today. I've heard a lot of good things about the pharmacy, especially in 'Holistic Medicine'. Sad to see them go !

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