Friday, January 30, 2009

My Mom's book

I am happy to announce my Mom's first book on South Indian cooking in Tamil. The book was published in Chennai, India a few weeks back.

Mom told me that the main difference between her book and the other cookery books that she has read is this:

She has taken one vegetable at a time and has given a few recipes using that vegetable, which I thought was a good idea.

APPUSAMI.COM has a recipe
from my Mom's book. Please check it out.

The book is on sale in book stores in Chennai.

Publisher's details:

New No.129/3, Old No. 73/3
Kumarappa Street
Channai - 600 034
Phone : 044-2823 5821 / 6519 5760
Mobile : 98412 97901
E-mail :

My mom also has a blog that she plans to maintain regularly.


Jo said...

Oh, that's cool! Congrats to her on the first book release!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Glad to know this. Please email me your mom's contact number. I would like to talk and congratulate her.

Jeevan said...

That's so nice of your mom friend! my wishes to her :)

Ravi said...

I am a frequent visitor of your blog. This book will be useful to amateur cooks like me in US to survive.

There is a typo in your spelling 'Chennai'.

Amrutha said...

was bloghopping and I landed in your blog. You have a nice and interesting blog.
Looking fwd to regular updates on ur & ur mom's blog too!

i,me,my music said...

Wow, Thats really good to hear , Am passionate about cooking next to music. Looking forward to recipes in ur mom's blog, I will check out the book when I go to India.
Do listen to my songs and leave your valuable feedback sir.