Saturday, February 07, 2009

LTTE - Criminals

Pic. courtesy: Jalagam

When I read magazines and newspapers from Tamil Nadu I feel angry and sad.

Angry that people fall prey to politicians who don't care about the country. Sad that the people don't have the brains to understand the truth.

I am talking about LTTE and the support that is extended to this Terrorist outfit.

For me, LTTE is nothing but a bunch of criminals who murdered India's Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. I am sure any patriotic Indian would be by my side for that. I have sad memories of that day. It happened in the very soil where all this propaganda and support for LTTE is loud..aka Tamil Nadu.

The Indian Government must take serious actions against all the Politicians and Political groups and even celebrities who support the LTTE.

Why should anyone treat the terror groups that fight for Kashmir different from LTTE ? That is the question I ask anyone who supports the LTTE.

My soul won't rest in peace until the LTTE leaders are brought to justice for murdering late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

I feel sad for the people of Sri Lanka who are caught in between, as collateral in this war launched by the Sri Lankan government against the LTTE.

To the Tamil Nadu Politicians/groups/people who support LTTE:

Do you also support the Kashmir separatist groups and other terror outfits in this world ?


Naren's said...

and everytime i read u i get angry. It is only that LTTE is a inseperable part of a struggle of a community to survive.And that struggle is a greater feeling than all your useless bloodyangry feelings.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Thanks for your thoughts. So what if I am angry. And I don't care if you get angry.

'Struggle for a Community'. What do you mean?

If you think my feelings are useless..please feel free to do something else useful..than reading blogs.

Maybe you can go to a brain surgeon and try for a transplant.

Hope you get my point.

Narayanan Venkitu said...
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Prakash said...

How would you respond to those innocent civilians who've got killed by Rajiv's IPKF. Rajiv who was commanding the IPKF as guilty as who ever killed him. Tamil Nadu has its heart at the right place - in support of the oppressed. If Govt of India isn't going to step up to the plate at this point, US and UK (Europe) will as security council members. This a genocide in making and if you pull out the pity politics then we can certainly understand. Rajiv's killing is certainly a regrettable event in every Tamil's mind.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Show me the proof for innocent civilians being killed by IPKF. And please don't call them Rajiv's IPKF. They went on India's behalf. It was the Indian Army !! Thanks to people like you IPKF wasn't given a welcome when they came back!! After all they are our soldiers !!

Tamil Nadu's heart !! Nonsense !!

LTTE didn't allow opponent groups to grow. Do you remember Padmanabha's murder?

LTTE are a bunch of criminals!

Jeevan said...

This seems like vittuku oru niyayam oruku oru niyayam. politician do anything to enjoy the welfare get in posts.

Naren's said...

if u got guts fight just with ideas not with person "Maybe you can go to a brain surgeon and try for a transplant"..this is what i do in your case "it is entirely possible to love a fellow being in spite of him having the most foolish idea on earth". And this world is so bereft of love.So MR.Narayanan Venkitu please don't despise me for my ideas, as wouldn't I for your idiocy every time. And you don't try to be a judge for anyones' action or atleast commanding people to tell waht to do and what not to do. Vengaayam. Mathiyaathar thalaivasal mithiyathae. Purinjatha?

Narayanan Venkitu said...


I can delete your comments. But I am not going to. It is a waste of time and effort on your part to visit blogs like mine and comment.

Siva Anandhi said...

I think you need to read little more about IPKF (atleast Y they were sent out of Lanka) and the intial intention and cause for the rise of LTTE.
Will U support Muslims or any minority being suppresed in India?
Y supporting the supressment of Tamils in Lanka?
People who are crying aloud today in TN is not doing that for the terrorist activities of LTTE, they are raising their voice against the govt. which is supporting the burtal murder of Tamil civilians in Lanka.

rasu said...

please visit srilanka. Then you will know whats happening there.

Also do not compare Kashmir separatist groups and other terror outfit with LTTE.

rasu said...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hello folks - I am sad that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are suffering! They are caught inbetween.

My post is about LTTE only..!! LTTE are a group are criminals.

They didn't let any other group to grow. They ruled in terror. They had infighting and people were killed if the top brass didn't like it !!

They killed India's PM Rajiv Gandhi! They've plotted and killed a lot of national leaders in Sri Lanka.

The SL Govt has all the authority to wipe out the LTTE and the world must support this !! Just like they would for the Taliban, LeT, etc.etc.!!

Unfortunately the Tamil people are the collateral. God bless them.

rasu said...

I think, you really dont know the history. Please search google.

rasu said...

gym john said...

Dear Friend,
Please first know that at first Srilankan army person only try to assinate rajiv gandhi here the proof, please try to read or check with the history before sending any blogs, dont sent your own imagination against the truth.

Sundar said...

Each and every Indian is patriotic.You need not overreact on this.It is evident that u lack knowledge in history , when you compare Kashmir problem with Tamil Eelam.Please don't post anything without knowing the history.This is my humble request to you.