Saturday, February 07, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - A Masterpiece

Photo courtesy: The Net

Having read all the negative reviews among Desi Bloggers, I decided to go see SDM today. I have to tell you that it was a wonderful experience.

The director has told the story wonderfuly...letting the viewers all over the world see the other side of India..via a wonderful story. Though cinematic here and there, I have to tell you it was a thrill ride...indeed. Amazingly well made movie.

Wonderful narration of the story, excellent dialogues ( Example - But for Ram and Allah, I'd still have my mother alive !! ), wonderful performance by the team. I enjoyed the scenes where tourists' shoes were stolen and sold ! I could relate to it, as I have lost my sandals/shoes like this while in India.

AR.Rahman..what can I say, I didn't like the songs on the CD, but I must say the songs go well with the movie and Jai Ho - is wonderful...though sadly in the end..when people walk out of the theaters. Wonderful re-recording. I think only an Indian Music Director could do music for this movie..and who else other than ARR !!

As I left the theaters, I felt happy that I watched a good movie.

After watching the movie, I am very hopeful that SDM will get an Oscar or two. If it goes to ARR..I'll be very happy. Let's see !