Friday, January 09, 2009

GV Prakash

I am a hardcore Ilayaraja fan. Possibly because I grew up listening to IR's music. Till date, I consider IR as the king of melodies.

As IR faded away...thanks to AR Rahman, who conquered the tamil music world with his foot tapping numbers, I began to wonder if the Melody of IR would be gone forever.

But Rahman, Vidyasagar and to some extent Deva filled in for melodies. ARR continued..but he was more on the Rhythm side ...and Vidya Sagar, who was a mix gave us some amazing melodies. Deva, whom I respect a lot too..gave some wonderful hits.

IR showed his face every now and then and kept proving that melody still ruled in the Tamil music world !!

Then came Harris Jayaraj who is also impressive..though I feel he repeats himself a lot..!!

Enter GV Prakash...ARRs nephew. A young kid who impressed the tamil music world via 'Ottagatha kattiko'..he began to impress me with his hits.

I feel GVP has a good balance of Melody and Rhythm all thanks to his wonderful keyboard skills, solid knowledge of digital side of modern music and his natural tilt towards good melody.

My most favorite album of GVP is 'Veyyil'. Very impressive. One of my favorite songs in recent times is 'Veyyilodu Vilayadi'. Kailesh Kher, Jassie Gift..what a combo. Wonderful lyrics as well.
I also liked 'Uruguthe' and 'Kadhal Neruppin'.

These days, whenever I see an album by GVP I immediately listen to it. And I have to tell you he always impresses me.

Way to go GV Prakash.


Kavi said...

He indeed holds tremendous promise !!
tremendous !

laks said...

Venkittu sir,
Please listen to "Poovinai" song from Ananda Thandavam by GVP. Wonderful melody . Awesome lyrics by Vairamuthu ( in fact Vairamuthu has mentioned that this was his personal best of late)