Thursday, January 08, 2009

University Honda - Davis California

Photo coutesy: The Web

The last few weeks I've been shopping for service for my Honda Civic Hybrid. It was a B13 service.
  • Oil, filter change.

  • Rotate tires.

  • Transmission fluid change.

  • Inspection.
The quote I got from various dealerships in a 50 mile range ranged from 200-300 dollars. Finally 'University Honda' in Davis was the one I chose since they quoted 181 dollars.

To my surprise the final bill was 162 dollars !!

Moral of the story
- Considering the economy, would be a good idea to shop around for just about anything !! Saving a buck or two would add up !!

Thank you - University Honda. I would give 5 stars for your service and the value for money not to forget the courtesy of your staff.


guyfromblore said...

Did you have to drive twice from Fairfield to Davis? Or did they do the service while you waited there?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Guyfromblore,

I stayed there an hour and got it done.

guyfromblore said...

one hour for such a service is not bad at all!