Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bombay attacks - II

As I see the NSG commandos being dropped from choppers into the Oberoi hotel my heart bleeds. These noble souls are on the line...thanks to our stupid policy makers. These young men live salaried and have to fight all this while our politicians swindle the country !

I wish our politicians starting from the President to the PM to all the ministers including the State Chief Ministers could dropped into Oberoi to deal with the terrorists.

Where is the AH Raj Thackeray ? What does he say about the NSG commandos from the other parts of India ?

Look at these terror acts on Indian soil:

  • Indira Gandhi's Murder
  • Rajiv's Gandhi's Murder
  • Coimbatore blasts
  • Bombay Dalal street blasts
  • Rashtrapathi Bhavan attacks
  • Bombay train blasts
  • Bangalore attacks
  • Attacks on other smaller towns
  • Latest Bombay attacks

How many of these crimes have been solved fully? Has Justice been served in any of these cases ?


donthecat said...

Do you know why the terrorists picked Mumbai and not Chennai as the target ?

Cos they only had a boat. To move anywhere inside Chennai, they would have required a submarine ...

அருண்மொழி said...

You have missed the Malegon Blast

That was being solved and the TERRORISTS involved there are being arrested

Just when One of the terrorist's laptop was confisticated all the key officials investigating that case has been mysteriously killed yesterday

Little wonder who was behind all this

Barani said...

Mr. Arun Mozhi,

Can you tell us who is behind this blast. Just sitting here commenting is very easy..

Narayanan said...

It was the parliament got attacked in 2001 not the rastrapathi bhavan.

We need to strengthen our intelligence.