Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bombay attacks

May the departed souls rest in peace.
May the injured heal fast.
Let justice be served.
My heart goes to the people of Bombay !!

I have a couple of questions:
  • After every attack the hands point at Pakistan and nothing happens after that. Why?

  • Intelligence agencies - Where were they ? They now say that the terrorists were from Pak and they came by boats !! What kind of intelligence agencies are these ? And they came by boats and drove Skoda cars in the city ! Didn't the RAW and Intelligence have a clue? How is that possible ?
India needs to revamp RAW and Intelligence agencies. Looks like amateurs with titles !!

Shame on the Police / Intelligence forces for not being able to stop this.

Bad that Bombay has to put up with all this !!


donthecat said...

Its the politicians who are to be blamed. Just y'day, LTTE Prabhakaran's b'day was celebrated in Chennai by some of these guys and no action was taken. I just want to know what would've been the reaction if LTTE had done such an op in TN.

As long as the Indian Gov takes a soft stand on terror b'cos of coilation issues and power politics, there will only be more such havoc.

The armed forces have done a gr8 job/ are doing now to get at the terrorists in Mumbai. And that's b'cos no politician has been given coverage in the TV channels.

Aside : It is really fortunate that there are no Tamilians among these terrorists. else our Tamizh polits would have asked the PM to stop the Action in Oberoi and Trident to save innocent terrorists from being massacred.

Ganesh said...

NV Sir,

I have at this point given up.
There is no accountability whatsoever.
Look at the Indian reporters no concept of perimeter, pretty much giving away every move of the commandos. You can expect headlines talking about mumbaites resilience etc but no one will be held accountable. Poor mumbai people and India. There seem to be no relieve from this hell for indians.