Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bombay blasts - III

As I saw the events in Bombay unfold, I couldn't help but to think about the following:
  • The sloppy job of the local police.
  • The unpreparedness of the State/country to handle a calamity.
  • The big hotels / public places and the security situation.
  • The reaction time / speed to handle a crisis.
  • An intelligence force that's only on paper.

It's high time.. ( Well...if this is not the ultimate eye-opener I don't know what would be ) the politicians put religion, caste and money aside and think about the country. There is a lesson for the corrupted politicians and the police here. If India goes down..everyone goes down !!

What's next?

India must not forget this as another incident and moveon as is usually the case. The law makers must act fast and spend the necessary money to strengthen the security.

It's not worth the cause to just blame the neighbors for everything. India has to prove the involvement of whoever she claims is responsible for terrorism.

India must take Israel as a role model. Surrounded by hatred all around ..the small country manages security and intelligence so well..that her enemies are scared of her.

India is much bigger than Israel with a decent economy. It would be wise to put the dollars to constructive use and tighten the belts and the that no one can break in.

For that, India needs good leaders, free police / Intelligence and a public that knows and understands the stakes.

The public must start thinking that they are 'Indians' and not hindus or muslims or christians. A wise society would put the Ramayan, Bible and the Koran aside and have India and only India in its heart and soul.

This is the time to act.


Anonymous said...


Enga otkanthu enna vena pesalam...poi ni oru nal police a erunthu paru theryum..

Y should only big hotels needs security...Public Places..have u been to VT station??....Does america have security in BART stations and other big hotels...Mothalla onna BART la etha

Please stop blogging about these issues...u dont know to write, then y bother..

Just scan through u r posts...have u ever spoke good of something..Y this criticism..thats y i thought i would give u back

Sundar Narayanan said...

NV Sir, by just throwing things out like this in random, you only ask for comments like the one above.

in what way do you think the people in Mumbai or India not know what they are supposed to do?

and one other thing..

you write a blog. it is read by people with computers. that is a very select population segment.

so your views go to an audience that possibly does not include

1. the terrorists
2. the Indian politicians
3. the people who actually put religion, caste, etc. as priority.
4. the cops who are busy trying to make a daily living

India has a coastline that is too big compared to the new mexico border with mexico and we all know how the border patrol and wall project ended up.

Criticism aside, why would this attack be blamed on Indians holding on to their religion. There are a bunch of trained determined fanatics who have come out to wage war.

Border security and religion are not linked, not in the USA or India.

Intel improvment, yes. Indian people as a whole being held responsible for this, NO!

I know you are hot blooded and sincere and you really "want to do something for India" and given where you are, you cannot do everything you want to do!

Please do not take your frustation out on the people who have to live with this lot closer to the action than we are.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Anon - Thanks for your thoughts. I am glad people with brains mostly read my blogs but there are some exceptions !!


Sundar - I don't really care about any kind of comments. I write what I feel ..I am not NYTIMES/WSJ or any other News agency. I write from my heart my thoughts. I might be wrong..but that's how I feel. I can accept problems.!

I am not taking the frustration on the people here - If you thought I did...I am sorry for the confusion. I want the country to unite at this stage..and not star a communal riot.

If you think India cannot handle her coastline then God bless India. Intelligence is very important...if there is a lapse like what happened ( happening mostly ) doesn't matter even if we don't have a coastline !!

Archikins said...

A friend from Mumbai said they have a citizens meeting on Dec 3rd and plan on using this as an opportunity for bringing about much needed change. I really hope they are able to take some concrete action.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha..people with brains read ur blog :)....first look at the URL for u r blog mr. mental..

Sundar...he does not understand anything...ask him the captial of india..

U please write about u r house, what u cooked at u r house, what did u buy standing in line for 10 long hours during thanksgiving etc.. please dont take any political matters that too about india in ur hands...

Sumi said...

Mr. Anon and Mr. Sundar,

Whats wrong with you people, anon especially. Shudnt someone express their opinions et all? What do you all mean by asking what Mr. Narayanan has done to the country? Before asking him, please tell us whats that you have done to the country? One billion population cannot become cops, each one of us in our own ways keep contributing to our country, to the entire world as such, whether its good or bad, whether we live in our motherland or not. Everything counts, including our thoughts, our words, our actions. What do u mean by we cannot do anything by sitting in America. So to do something, we have to go stay in Taj and go thru this? Atleast he is expressing his anger, his concern which millions others do not do. People like you will eat and sleep and ask others what they have done. Go read history, all such sparks of public opinions only have led to major revolutions and great changes in the world. I honestly dont see anything wrong in his opinion. Mr. Sundar, what do you mean by border security and religion are not linked. Hahaha, big joke. You say religion has no connection with thhis whole thing, gimme a break, go read TOI where one section of the news says the terrorists released a couple becos they were muslims. People, educate yourselves before throwing caustic remarks on others. You all claim to be educated, when u all do not have the courage and maturity to express yourselves politely, I can completely understand the retarded terrroists mind set.

Raaj said...

Sumi, when this blogger can tell 'India' what to do, I think anon can also tell him what to do (as long as the blogger keeps his comments open). Infact I see anon recommending specific, practical, easy to implement points. Isnt he also expressing his views and should be allowed to ? When you can make assumptions anon 'only eats and sleeps' without being with him, he can also right ? You should have just stopped with 'everyone can express their views' like I am going to do now.

Sumi said...


Completely agree that anon, x, y ,z have the right to express their views. But defintely not call someone mental, or asking the blogger to talk about his household chores etc etc. even am for a healthy argument, definetly not for insane, abusive criticism. When the blogger says ''India'', am sure he identifies himself in the whole India group too, not that he is acting like an outsider, mocking us. To be honest, terrorism is not a regional, national issue, it is a universal issue, and any sane human being would vent out their anger, a natural human emotion. Whatever the blogger has expressed is true, those are the flaws in our system. Denying or acting such things do not exist, or asking others what they have done, or assuming that nothing can be done becos we all live outside our country is not going to help us in any way. yeah, my assumption that anon would sleep and eat is no way right either. My apologies.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sumi, Anon, raaj, archikins

Thanks for your thoughts.

I am ashamed about how underprepared India is..despite the frequent attacks !!

What would cause the politicians to wake up and act?

Raaj said...


Thanks for the response. Fully agree with you on all your points. Yes, the argument should not become abusive criticism meant directly or indirectly. I chose to respond because I thought anon was right in saying what he said, though not in the right way.

Everybody knows we need a good leader but we would appreciate if someone can tell who is it substantiating the reasons. I am hurt when someone says 'we should feel we are Indians' when 99% of the people whom I know feel that way. And I am even more hurt that I should put my Ramayan aside and consider only the country in my soul. Whats the problem having both Ramayan and India in my soul and I remain without harming anyone ?

You are right, blogs create impact but look at the impact it has created on me ! Do you think its just enough to be among the crowds and blog after incidents thinking of creating the impact or do/write about things that make sense ? And do you really think the advise given to the 'Indians' in this blog will reduce terror attacks ?

FYI, I live in chennai and when people sitting out of the country for a long time say things like above, I do get angry and as you say we need to vent it out.

Sundar Narayanan said...


I know NV Sir personally. I did not say anything offensive to him or question his right to ask questions. His post made it sound like the Indians religious bickering was in some way responsible for this. The person who was careless in letting a boatload of explosives through was probably not checking the folks by religion.. it was bad judgement and that is "border security being bad irrespective of religion"

btw, when I said border security and religion are not linked, what was meant is that securing one's borders. Take Mexico for example (which is the example mentioned in my comment) there is no religious difference there. But border security is still an issue with people coming over illegally and the US is fighting it day in and day out.

ps. I never ask NV Sir what he has done for his country. Do NOT link my comment to another anon commenter.

Personally if I want to say something, I will say it and not post anonymous comments.

anyways, there is no winning with trolls..

NV Sir understood my point. that is enough.