Friday, August 01, 2008

Rajini begs for Kuselan !!

Photo courtesy: The web

TN govt. used the Tamil film industry to project the Hogenakkal water issue a few months back.

In fact I read somewhere that there was a rollcall !! Every one from the Tamil film industry ( sangam I think ) had to attend mandatory. I even remember actress Asin getting into trouble for not attending !

Traditionally, the film industry in Tamil Nadu (I'll stick to where I grew up) has been a pawn to the Govt. They never had and will never have a back bone to stand up and fight.

Let me ask you a question. What happened to the Hogenakkal water issue ? What was the resolution ?

The politicians of Tamil Nadu wanted to project a picture that they care for the state and the people. Their aim was not water...but fame! Their aim was votes and money ! In fact half these stupid politicians don't even know the problems at Hogenakkal ! I even doubt if they know where Hogenakkal is on the map !

But the poor public and the film industry ...they are helpless. They have to ...whether they like it or not..bear with this nonsense.


Anonymous said...

This shows he is NOT fit for politics. He want to earn more and more. I am a big follower but he lost my respect now.

Anonymous said...

why are you dragging the govt. into this? did they ask the rajinikanth to talk?

Anonymous said...

I think so. The film industry is nothing but a mouth piece of the government. Who knows what goes behind the scene and who gets what kickbacks.

Anonymous said...
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Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Anon2 - What do you mean why am I dragging the Govt.?

The Govt. did it for the votes and money...they forced the Tamil Film Industry that doesn't have a spine.

Answer my question - What happened to the Hogenakkal issue please?

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer to your question - Work has started
Now answer mine - Did the govt. ask Rajinikanth to make a statement?

Sundar Narayanan said...

NV Sir,

was going through what we were doing last year same time and happened to see this post of mine...

funny how cinema industry the world over sucks up to the govt.

it is a vicious cycle!


P B said...

if you happen to know kannada, go, check out in by yourself what he had said. Dont beleive in main stream media. They want to milk money using rajini either by bashing or hyping him. It is very hard to be rajini.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Rajini IMHO..... infact the film industry has to stop being a pawn in the hands of the Govt! I don't think it's going to happen. They sucked up to JL a few years back and now they did it to MK.

Anyways that's my opinion.


The Govt. should do it's work and not force anyone into dharnas bandhs etc. It's nonsense. Where is the freedom of speech gone? when somebody is forced ?

Isn't this an aspect of Democracy? Freedom of speech?

Jack said...

Some of you are supporting rajini and some are opposing Rajini. Leave it... Don't discuss whether rajini is money-minded or not. Infact everybody is having the wish to earn more money in life and live a luxurious life. One thing is for sure...lot of ppls are jealous on rajinikanth. But the mistake what rajini frequently doing is, he'll give some statements and after sometime he'll take back his words, which makes ppl to think hopeless abt him. :-(

Jack said...

One more Question : Why some of you are expecting him to come to politics.

Do you guys/gals belive that somebody who acts as hero's in movies will rule this country honestly.

Rajini is only for movies.. not for polictics.

NV sir... share you thoughts...

NOTE : Am not a fan of RAJINI.

Ravi said...

Bulls-eye NV Sir, you hit the nail right on its head. I would add a little more to what you've mentioned. Apart from being a pawn, the film industry is in the hands of a few big-wigs in the so called "Association".

What happened to the association when Kuselan faced problems in its release in KA? Did it come to its rescue? Ofcourse they used this as a tirade against Rajnikanth whereas the producer was the one to have faced the music!

And there is absolutely nothing in what Rajinikanth said - earlier or now!

Rama said...

Chameleons these are... political or should I say, cinema(tic) weathercocks?

How could he lose the money generated from this area? Ultimately, it all boils down to that, fame, money..who cares about convictions? (do they have?)