Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kuselan - Not for me

Photo courtesy: Kollywood Today

That means I won't go !
I am sure it will come down to 8$ soon.
I'll wait until then.

P.Vasu butchered "Manichithrathazu"
and created "Chandramukhi" after stealing it from Malayalam. Atleast, in this case, due credits have been given to the creators of 'Katha Parayumbol'. Let's wait and watch how Vasu has handled a great story !


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that P.Vasu is going to kill Kuselan. The movie is going to run for Rajinikanth and we can expect to see usual Rajini Masala in it.

Ravi said...

NV sir, as you rightly said, Vasu butched ManiChitrahthaazhu and worse did not even acknowledge the original flick. Even in Kuselan, it is said that Rajini has a song, fight sequence etc. whereas in the original movie Mammootty features for just a few mins.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Maduraiveeran - Thanks for your thoughts. Let's wait and watch. My guess is just like yours though.

Ravi - Katha Parayumbol becomes 'Masala Katha Parayumbol' LOL...thanks to Mr. Vasu.. let's see.

infowings said...

I don't quite like the idea of remake movies. Whats the point in re-making an already hit film. Why not they dare to re-make a film that has flopped in the box office.

Jack said...

NV Sir... Please dont waste your money in reserving tickets for this movie. Hope u have seen the movies chandramuki and manichithrathaal... The tamil version done by vasu is worst movie when compared to original.

infowings : How u earn money by remaking a flop movie. Most of the ppls will take the easiest way to survive(suceed)...

mitr_bayarea said...


Thanks for the heads-up, here in San Jose this week tix were originally $20 and now $15, waiting for it to drop to $5 before watching the movie. Vasu has definitely butchered this movie.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Mitr_bayarea - Wow...this is daylight robbery....!!! 20$ to 15 now....!!
Jack - Yeah, I'll wait for the prices to fall...!!
infowings - It's all about 'Show me the money'. The storyline was very sentimental..and Vasu and co. thought they can make money by adding some Masala

Anonymous said...

It is not Vasu or Rajni who fixes $20 or $15. It is the north american distributors. Go after them. Any way I wont even spend $5. No movies are worth even $1.

Sundar Narayanan said...

NV Sir,

based on my wifes input "this is not a kudumbaththutan paaaka koodiya padam"

apparently Nayanthara shots too vulger and so is the comedy track.. very inappropriate for marketing as "family movie"..

just a warning.