Monday, August 04, 2008

Kuselan Masala

Kadha Parayumbol - Malayalam
Mamooty, Meena, Srinivasan

Masala Kadha Parayumbol - Tamil
Rajinikanth, Meena, Pasupathy, Nayanthara

( Based on reviews )


Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to watch both the malayalam and tamil versions. I think, the tamil version has come out really well. Even in Trivandrum, this movie has been getting good reviews from the movie goers. So, let us not speculate anything before one has an opportunity to watch the movie. Of late, I have seen, the comments have a lot to do with guesses and speculations.

Anonymous said...

Well Said. I think people want to get noticed by speculating Rajni movies and of late this is the trend. Beware folks you may end up with egg on your face.