Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kodungaiyur dump - Good Job TN Govt

It's a perennial problem, thanks to uncontrolled development of wetlands and indiscriminate dumping. The Govt. has to come up with good recycling/disposal plan. It's plain stupid to just burn the garbage. Considering the growth of population and westernization of the urban societies, if garbage disposal is neglected, pretty soon ,the ill-effects will be wide spread ( if it is not already ! )

I've witnessed this first hand whenever I went to Chennai via the Velachery Road. At a point, not sure what village is nearby, there is a huge dump on the road and it's always fuming. People cover their noses and go along. Rag pickers, mostly kids make their rounds, trying to make a few rupees for their livelihood.

The wind carries the smoke and the toxins all the way to some of the best neighborhoods in the Chennai city. I am sure, asthma cases are on the rise in the city ! The toxins also get into the soil and the water bed is affected which is hazardous to health.

I felt happy today when I read about the TN.Govt's plan for Kodungaiyur. I hope the plan gets executed well ( which I doubt).

Here are a few things I would do:
  • Carry my own bag when I go shopping.
  • Won't let the store give me a plastic bag for small items.
  • Won't buy bottled water/soft drinks.
  • Won't burn garbage.
  • Educate atleast one person on the ill-effects of dumping / plastics.

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