Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dasavatharam for 8$

IMC6 has reduced the ticket prices to 8$ for adults and 5$ for kids. I paid 29$ for my family and watched Dasavatharam this evening.

What a let down. But for the Naidu and Boovaragan roles, the movie is absolutely a waste of time. Asin has been wasted too !

KS.Ravikumar would have probably learnt his lesson by now, better do..Mr.KSR.

Kamal has to change. This movie could do a lot better with just the Naidu and a solid storyline.

What is the point in introducing 10 avatarams..just for the heck of it !!
My advice to Kamal:

Don't try something new. You are not in your prime.

Put down that huge ego...would be good for you.

Act to the director's tunes.

Don't force the directors to dance to your tunes.

Producers invest in movies to make money. Not for charity.

If you keep failing at the box office, nobody would put money on you. You'll have to fund your own movies.

Last - Your grammatical Tamil sucks !!

PS - This review if by a diehard Kamal fan
looking for
Greener pastures !!


Anonymous said...

Actually seems to have made decent money. I agree that even hard core Kamal fans are feeling very pissed off even though they might act otherwise.

Avocado Iyengar.

Badri said...

i agree to a lot of views.but somehow i feel it is not that bad. only thing i felt was it was definitely of a quality usually associated with his films. trouble is he has tried to give a hollywood style popcorn flick with less story value. but at the same time his ego has made him put some so called intelligent elements like chaos theory, rationalism etc. so at the end it becomes a very wierd kichdi

Anonymous said...

I hope that you enjoyed the movie with your family. All the $'s are worth only for Balram Naidu and Poovarangan. He has done the home work to do these characters. Naidu especially is perfect as I was laughing for all the Telugu people in US asking all the desi's whether they are Telugu. When I saw it on the screen it was all ROFL.

Sumi said...

I was wondering if Kamal's Dasavatharam is anywhere near Shivaji's Navratri. Looks like he just wanted the record that he is the only actor who has donned ten different characters. What an absolute waste of time and money! Poor Asi, she has no other dialogue other than ''Perumale, Perumale''. After watching the movie even I was like ''Perumale!''

Vinesh said...

dasavatharam was a huge disappointment for me too!

but what did u mean by the "kamal's grammatical tamil sucks"?

the best avataram, in my opinion, was the first one - Rangarajan Nambi

Hari said...

I beg to disagree... let us not get super-critical of a super-human effort... for once, we can laud the experiment... forget all the flaws in screenplays, forget Asin... its a GIANT step forward in Indian movie industry... though there is plenty to scale forward...

mitr_bayarea said...

Amen to all that, we agree.

Keerthi said...

NV Sir, படம் எனக்கு ரொம்ப பிடிச்சுது.

படத்தின் நோக்கமே பத்து ரோல் செஞ்சு பார்க்க முடியுமான்னு தான். அதை சுத்தி ஒரு கதை, திரைக்கதை டெவலப் செய்யப்பட்டதுதான் தசாவதாரம்.

இன்னும் ஒரு தடவை போய் பாருங்கள். உங்களுக்கு நிச்சயம் பிடிக்கும்.

Adhithi Narayanan said...

In my opinion, this wasn't one of Kamal's best movies. Preethi and I had to close our eyes at many scenes. It was gruesome, and had a very weak story line. It was down right boring and was a waste of money.
My advise:
Don't take your children, unless they would enjoy watching a cute little monkey die a horrific death. (and thats not the worst of it!)

Jo said...

I also liked Boovaragan and Naidu out of all 10 characters. It also shows that Kamal has not lost it and given a good story, script and director he would have done a great job with just these two roles (rather than Kamal trying out all these himself, he should become a director's actor to bring out all his talents). :-)

rasu said...

May be you shouldnt have watched this movie buddy. After one month of relase, you went for the movie.

Kamal himself said, there is not story in dasavatharam.

please go and watch tom n jerry with kids buddy. This movie wont suit for you. Better luck next time. (Marmayogi).

I would say, please come down and learn how to appreciate.