Saturday, July 12, 2008

Accidents in Chennai

I was ashamed when I read this report. I remember a peaceful Chennai with good roads. I can only live with my memories going by this report.

Here are some highlights:

In my opinion Chennai probably is one of the most corrupt cities in India. I've seen first hand how licenses are handed out to applicants. A majority of the people don't care about traffic laws, and that includes the mandatory Helmet rule.

ER and ambulance situation...I need not write about it. People's attitude is another issue here. People just watch an accident scene and drive by. Some even honk !! What a shame !


Lahari said...

Hi, I will not agree with your post. I have been in driving Chennai till last year and had even this January. The news link which you have linked in your post is mere media hype and I would say its single sided news. Chennai is far far safer compared to Bangalore and splly delhi. The so called facts that news has given is just a hype. I have been a regular to your blog and has also observed you have many visitors to ur blog, so please abstain from being a patron of biased media reporting...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Lahari - First, thanks for the comment.

Media Hype - What do you mean? There are numbers in that report...Are u questioning them?

What does the media gain by this report by being one sided?

I have driven myself in the City and in the recent trip..have been a witness to most of the things I wrote about.

If you call this media hype - what about the postive reports that come in the media? Are they also hypes?

IMHO - Chennai is one of the most corrupt cities in India. Traffic cops..I can bet can be bought easily..for a meagre 10-20 Rupees..which the people escape..!

Jeevan said...

"People just watch an accident scene and drive by." its happening for years. at least a call from their mobile to ambulance or nearby hospital would be nice.

Hari said...

I request you to list out
1. Cities with impeccable traffic sense in India.
2. A "corruption-free" city in India.
3. I dont see anything other than a blogger who patronizes "News today" website and it appears that "news today" is one of those sites which would publish only to malign a particular city.

I have drive in B'lore, Hyderabad and Chennai in all sorts of vehicle. Small towns or large cities, its the same story... I dont see anything other than your penchant for mudslinging Chennai

Hari said...

and for once, let us look into no. of accidents published in a national daily such as The Hindu in their regional column for the next 3 months - say Chennai, B'lore and Hyd to make a comparison, so that we don't arrive at biased conclusions.

Jam said...

Hi there,

Before anything else, let me give my credentials in terms of familiarity with cities. I ve been in Bangalore 23 yrs, Indore 2 yrs, Hyderabad 1 yr now. I ve made on and off annual visits to Chennai, Kochi, Palakkad. So I have a fair knowledge of these cities.

Now to make a comment like "Chennai is the most corrupt city in the country" is being very unfair to the city, especially compared to Hyderabad. And to make the comment "Traffic cops..I can bet can be bought easily..for a meagre 10-20 Rupees..which the people escape..!" is far more prevalent in Hyderabad than in Chennai.

Narayan, I don't know how long it has been since you have visited some of these cities in which the IT Boom is currently happening. If you visit them now after probably a gap of around 6-8 yrs you realize that IT has changed the landscape of these cities in ways never thought of earlier.

Right from the fact that traffic signals have way more beggars than any other cities in the country, with the exception of Mumbai, to the cost of vegetables, IT has managed to drive up prices of every damn thing sold in these cities.

In such a situation, why should the Traffic Cops be behind in the prices front. They ve also started taking more and more bribes to feed their wives and children back home.

Part of the problem also stems from the fact that people are becoming more and more insensitive to other humans around them, and the blatant disregard for rules that Indians have (which they call 'government bureaucracy').

Sorry for the anger in the comment, but had to let it out somewhere.