Saturday, July 19, 2008

Timex - Perpetual Calendar

( My Timex watch )

I am a big fan of TIMEX watches. I like the 'INDIGLO' light, the bright easy read dial and the price value of TIMEX.

I am also a big fan of new technologies in gadgets, as long as they are affordable and that is the reason I bought a 'TIMEX PERPETUAL CALENDAR' watch last week.

Changing the date at the end of the month is a task that I won't have to do anymore.

Thinking about it, this is a great feature isn't it ? Wonder how TIMEX came up with it and how they've done it. Have to Google it I guess.

I read that these kinds of watches made by SEIKO/ROLEX sell for a few hundreds / thousands of dollars.

Looks like TIMEX PERPETUAL CALENDAR watches are
available in India too. Not sure about the prices though.

I bought mine at the Vacaville outlets for a wonderful price of 29$.

Check the Timex Perpetual Calendar watches out. I feel it's a cool technology available at affordable prices.

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