Sunday, March 02, 2008

சச்சின் - விசிறிகளே !

நூறு அடித்ததும்
வாரி கட்டிக் கொண்டு

வசை பாட
ஓடி வரும்
சச்சின் - விசிறிகளே!


நாறிய பொழுது
பேச்சு மூச்சு இல்லாமல்

மறைந்து கிடந்த
மாயம் தான் என்ன ?


Naren's said...

How do you make one understand a point without even making an iota of offence towards him...looks like it is quite impossible in your case...ungalai kinatru thavalai endru sollalaaam....we are always ther for sachin anytime every time, it is only ukind of nitpickers who acknowledge him only by his centuries, (which he is in any case making them for the team and the country and not per se for you).....we always believed in cricket and sacin equally irrespective of his form...and why the hell dont you understand nobody ha matched the amount of quality attitude grace and above all the most yapped form on the field and he is till is as exuberant a batsmam he is....y dont u take a break from watching cricket.....

P B said...

விளையாட்டின் விதிகள் தெரியாது
வீரனின் திற்ன் அறியாது
தாந்தோன்றி உளறலுக்கு
ஏன் வேண்டும் அலறல்?
என்று எண்ணியிருந்தோம்!
உமது வயதுக்கு
மரியாதை பண்ணியிருந்தோம் ஐயா!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha..pity people like u...guess like Sachin we shld keep ignoring duds like u who always keep wsaying some nonesense...guess u wrote that in tamil so that less people wld read it and shout at naren rightly said, guess u need to take a break..or stop watching cricket..atleast for the goodwill of the game

Anonymous said...

To save some pride of your own, refrain from cricket. You are not good at it.It's actually the herd mentality,the herd trying to catch attention by trying to be different, that's stopping you from being a better writer. If you watch carefully i have not used the word ' "good" writer' because nobody can be good but you can be "better" than the most and that's what Sachin is. And for the fact it's not we Sachin fans who go into hiding, it is actually you, the self acclaimed critics, who go into hiding and praise him whenever he hits a century and I think that should be more than hundred times that you guys went into hiding. - Sam

Madanlal said...

Sachin Naarinaaraa??? Sollittaruppa Don Bradman... Yenna sir, comedy keemedy pannalaye??? That was very harsh comment on sachin.. Ponga sir, Ippidi kappithanamaa pesaama, pulla kuttigala nalla padikka vainga..