Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sydney ODI - My thoughts

It doesn't matter if India loses the next two games. It doesn't matter if we are beaten black and blue. A mostly young Indian team ridiculed by many for a lack of experience proved that they could beat a formidable Australia.

Today, every other magazine and website has praised Sachin. Hats off to him. Despite his age he was able to tackle the Aussie bowling on a mostly flat track. Great knock indeed.

I am not a great fan of Sachin - but I admired something yesterday. Even as he reached his hundred he was quite active. He wasn't showing signs of any distress physically. This is something I haven't seen with the younger players these days. They usually call for a bye-runner and cramp and show signs of physical weakness as they go further.

To my surprise Sachin batted the 45+ overs and he was OK in the end. Hats off Sachin. You have to bat well the next game or two to prove your critics like me wrong !

I didn't read anything written about a 19 year old Piyush Chawla. Those who saw him bowl yesterday would have admired his Leggies, Topspinners and Googlies and his amazing accuracy. 10-0-33-0 is an amazing analysis !

The catch he took was a turning point in the game. I bet Munaf would have stood there watching...if he was in the team !

I am glad the Indian Team Management finally decided to give Piyush a go. And what a move it was ! we go to GABBA on tuesday Sachin and Co. beware. If my instincts are right it will be a fast track. Though we have Ishant....I doubt if a fast track will suit Sachin and Co. Only time will tell. Let's see.

And like someone in the crowd said yesterday:

' Yuvi - Stop Dating - Start Batting '


Anonymous said...

Yes I totally accept sachin has to prove you a lot. A batting genius like you will not accept flat track bully like sachin. We admire your cricketting knowledge. Press should not have praised sachin at all idiots.

Kishan said...

You may not know me but I am a regular reader of your blog and I feel exhilarated when sachin bangs with a comeback and proves his critics, like you, wrong.

People can criticize him for not making enough runs when needed, but to criticize his game, excuse my expression, but makes me feel like those people are blind. I don't know about others, for me watching sachin play is one of the best sights and I just cannot understand people who cannot admire the beauty of his game. You may disagree, but sir, didn't the entire world ,including the Great Sir Bradman acknowledge his talent??

I read your previous blog entry and I was quite enraged. "Drop old man sachin" was quite unnecessary and was very belittling to the world's greatest batsman.

Naren's said...

well the best answer was given by the man himself.check.quote. "I don play to prove anyone wrong. I play for India".check.