Monday, January 07, 2008

Nation outraged !!

India , it's citizens are outraged by the incidents that happened in Sydney, they want the team back and the team has laid a set of conditions to continue playing !

My question to the Indian Team: The Nation was outraged at your World Cup defeat. What happened ? You had all kinds of excuses! But now, when it comes to bite you and the Nation supports you, you go with the Nation !...Opportunistic idiots!

Harbhajan Singh - Has been found guilty. The Indian team must obey the decision as it was taken by the ICC. In my opinion it is not right to cancel the tour and walk out from games. And players must learn to shut up and obey the rules, be it Australia, India or any other country. If they don't obey the rules and are found guilty they must accept the punishment !


Ravi said...

NV Sir, finally I can see someone who is not supporting India blindly. Yes, what Harbhajan did was wrong and he deserves to be penalised for that. What make such a fuss out of it? I fully support your view here.

Rama said...

If Harbhajan has done it, it is wrong and yes, he should be punished. But there is something called the principle of natural justice, "audi alteram partem" which allegedly was not followed in Harbhajan's case. Beyond that, there is also the right to appeal which is precisely what the team has done. Yes, India has not raised its voices much when things have gone India's way. But when I viewed the footage of the decisions, it was too unacceptable even for a "peace loving" being like me , so cant blame the bruised Indian mind :)where cricket is bigger than religion.

You Possibly Know Who said...

NV Sir, lets be practical.

> The Nation was outraged at your World Cup defeat. What happened ? You had all kinds of excuses! But now, when it comes to bite you and the Nation supports you, you go with the Nation !

- During WC, the nation was outraged. What could the players do? Can they say that they want to play one more time with B'desh and SL to settle scores so that the nation would be cool. The fact is they could not have done anything at that time. Tell me what they could have done after those hurting defeats?

Now, it is a different scenario. It is not just a question of poor performance, but a matter of questioning the one-upmanship from a certain side.

You can't compare apples with oranges, just for the sake of criticism.

dhaaa said...

If the trail was fair and if he has done it, then harbhajan has to accept it.

I dont get why indian team is not showing sportsmanship in this whole issue. they should show that in their performance and then raise the issue. Raising concerns after being defeated shows immaturity.

some people argue that aussies are playing mind game with indian team, let them do that, is indian team soo vulnerable to that. are our guys only that much confidence on them!!!

Anonymous said...

well said "You Possibly Know Who said... "NV apparently always ends up screwing Indians...

NV keeps saying that all 30+ need to get out of the scene. The SCG was a gr8 example of who the "class" players are and who the others are. Sachin,Laxman,Dravid,Saurav and Kumble..all 30+ people. Anyway his comments are viable only to a very few who share the same stupid thots as him...I still remember him writing that the songs of Pachaikili Muthucharam were bad. That one line gave me an idea of what his taste and thot is. And being an Indian, he always criticises India,Chennai,Indians,...... Guess not all people wld tolerate such things..Sorry to say it NV, but I just thot I shld.

Anonymous said...

The Nation was outraged at your World Cup defeat. What happened ? - they did what they could. Defeated South Africa in a ODI series on neutral grounds; went to England and won the first test series in that country in 30 years; defeated arch rivals Pakistan in both the test and ODI series. This is how cricket teams are supposed to respond to criticism and the Indian team did just that.

The problem with the Harbhajan episode is that the match referee is taking the words of the phucking Australians (Ricky 'cheater' Ponting of all people) over the Indians. When there is lack of evidence (which is the case here), the benefit of doubt should go to the alleged accused, which has not been done in this case. And when the match referee himself reeks of double standard (read this: and, why should the Indian team not protest and just remain silent? They want something going their way after they were robbed of a test match that they should not have lost under any circumstances.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

All of you - Thanks for your thoughts. Well appreciated.

Last Anon - I agree, with your thoughts.

Just like that ( what they did after the WC defeat ), I'd rather our team work hard and beat the Aussies the next two games! That would be an apt lesson! I saw Pataudi on IBN Yesterday and that's what he said too.

Sydney and Melbourne have proved that Aussies are big time cheats , hypocrites, whatever you want to call them.

I would rather we shutup ( remember the father of our he handled the English)
and get the work done rather than becoming too emotional and pulling out.

That would be the proof! if we beat the aussies sound the next 2 games? Can we?? Let's see.